"Busan IT Industry Promotion Agency leading Busan Creative Cultural Industries."

My name is In Sook Lee, the president of BIPA(Busan IT Industry Promotion Agency).

BIPA was founded in 2002 to foster and support information and cultural industries. From the beginning, the agency has been implementing effective and systematic support projects, spanning policy, technical innovation and professional manpower to foster the local IT and CT industries.

IT and CT industries are the foundation of the creative economy and the core of future growth businesses for creating value-added and new industries.

The agency is committed to revitalizing Busan's regional economy by fostering IT convergence and CT industries, the core of next-generation growth businesses, in addition to improving competitiveness of manpower resources along with discovering and supporting enterprises equipped with technology and passion.

BIPA is the core organization that fosters the IT and CT industries. Accordingly, we will endeavor to become the central agency promoting development and enrichment of local industries and national competitiveness.

Thank you.

Seo Tae-geon
the President & CEO of BIPA